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02:07am 23/07/2005
mood: happy
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02:16pm 29/05/2005
mood: creative
SO.... lets see... I never write in this thing but whatever... I have been really busy lately.... I had a huge three hour session of photos yesterday... IT WAS SO MUCH DAMN FUN! With school ending I have been going to parties... going to Orlando quite alot and down into Tampa... Its been a blast. This summer should be fun. I cant wait to go to New York .... I am so damn excited because my aunt knows people who run modeling agency (like FORD, IMG, etc...) and other feild of interest that I have... but yeah that should be fun... SO I dont know what else to say... I hope every one is having fun and if you are on summer break I hope it is fun for you!
Well got to go .... I will try to update more often but I dunno..... Well ADIOS!

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04:54pm 28/04/2005
mood: creative

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06:10pm 27/04/2005
mood: hopeful
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02:51pm 26/04/2005
mood: sick
WOW! So it has been a million months since I have updated this. So I am home sick with the damned strep throat. ....ugh!... So I thoguth I would come on here and update. Not to much is new with me... I got a puppy for my birthday form Josh and My mom back in January. She is like my kid, and a pain in the butt sometimes... =)She is the cutest thing ever though. well I am gonna go I promise to update more!

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11:45am 24/11/2004
mood: happy
Hey.... well I have not updated in forever. I have been so busy. Well thsi weekend Josh and I went to Georgia for a reptile show. We now have 15 snakes and 7 Leopard geckos.... Of all the snakes one stays at my house all of the L. Geckos but 3 stay at my house as well, the other3 plus 1 of mine are "breeders" but anyway Georgia was fun. We stayed there for the weekend. It was nice, the leaves were georgeous. I haven't seen "autumn color" leaves in like 3 years. Well anyway... Sunday was Josh and I's 4 month anniversary. Well I dont know what else to write at this point in time. Here are some pictures....

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11:36am 16/08/2004
mood: sick
*Warning I am sick so spelling probably sucks*

Hey.. everyone! its been forever since I updated. I have been busy as a bee...lol
School started. Its going good taking tons of honors and collage course. But its all fun.
Right now, I am sick as hell though. Me, my boyfriend, my boyfriend's best friend, and his girlfriend are all sick plus another friend of my boyfriends that hangs with us all the time. We all got sick from Josh's room mate. Who everyone hates. I didn't mind him till he put his feet in my face and I absolutely HATE feet. But anyway who keeps a room mate they hate? Honestly. If anyone knows the answer please tell me.
So yeah, I stayed home from school beacause I feel so bad. It sucks I hate being sick.
But on to some good news.
This weekend was fun minus the not getting anything from the hurricane. My boyfriend's best friend had a 3 day HURRICANE PARTY! That was fucking awesome. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday that place was "KrUnK" lol but it was fun. I pretty much stayed at Josh's all of our long weekend. (My 2nd Home)
I dont know what else to write about at this moment. I think I might go because I feel horrible.
So I will write later. Bye Bye!

The funniest sight: 4 teens(ages 16-19) sitting on a couch watching TV like old people because they are all so sick we cant do much else. =) *Guess you had to be there*

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01:49pm 05/07/2004
mood: tired

*This is my 100th entry* Woo-Hoo...lol..jp


I hope every one had a GREAT 4th of JULY! I know I did. =)

Wow... I haven't written in a while... I have been hanging out with college friends from Bdale and then all my people from Brandon.

So onto last night. It was GREAT! I got to Lauras house at like 8:30. There is like 8 or 9 of us chillin there. So we decide to go to this "HUGE WAREHOUSE PARTY"  well I knew exactly how to get there so we get there and its not a warehouse that is off the road a little. Nope, it is right on the damn road and its not even a warehouse its a empty like apartment building. How dumb? So we stayed for like 30 mins and leave. We all go back to Laura's. And thats when the fun starts.
We get there Britt and I left to go get clothes for me and clothes for her. Well when we get back we start taking shots of 153 proof. *DAMN!* I took about 8 shots. It was crazy. I was drunk. I will admit it straight up.
So anyway then some puts on music and I started dancing with Kyle...umm..yeah that was ... I dunno... fun yeah but.. I duno...anyway...
well at like 4 am me, laura, britt, john, nate, nick (2 HOTT ASS Twins), and dericka all go to Denny's. And I felt so bad because I kept spilling water all ovver Nate (one of the hott twins) but he was totally kewl and sweet about it. =) So we all eat and then we got back to Lauras (Dont worry we had sober drivers) and we party a little more then we all decide to go to bed. And I woke up at like 11:30 and came home.
So yeah last night was a GREAT night. One of the funnest nights I have had in a while, and not because of drinking. Actually, the past 3 days at Laura's have been fun. =)
Well anyway. I dont to type anymore so I am gonna go.
Sorry that this post is just like random thoughts... =)


   Oh yeah there is pics .... so ... lookie! =)


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01:52am 22/06/2004
mood: sore
This is what bordum at 1:52 AM does to you. :)

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05:00am 17/06/2004
mood: tired
Well... haven't updated in forever. So, I was on a vacation all last week. That was fun.
I gave been hangin out with Karpe, Alex, Matt, Steven and Ryan Porter like non stop the past couple weeks *My ChiLd HoOd FrIEndS* Oddly enough every one of them except Steven all used to or still do live in the same neighborhood as Ryan P.(ex). It is such a small world. But I love those guys. They are like my family now. We are all constantly together.I love it.
Work has been fun. I have my eye on this new guy and he has came into my work everyday the past couple days I have worked. SO I am happy, maybe things will go good.
I quit E*BOARD and my 2nd VP position. There are just too many other things that are more important. The sponsor couldn't accept that so I dropped it. E*BOARD will get me no where in life but my sports will. I am doing volleyball, softball and starting up hockey again next year and I think I might do cheer leading. I haven't decided 100% tho. But still that and family and work is more important than some little class at school that does homecoming and other shit. There is too much drama and not enough reward.
I dunno, my mind is everywhere right now. I just got home from Matt's house. We were all over there playing video games even though I feel asleep on Alex at like 1 and didn't wale up till 3:30. It was a fun night.
But tonight will be great. We are all going to Ryan's house and having a party. WooT! I have discovered how much I love being the only girl b/c then there is no person that will sit there and complain or something. I dunno how to word what I am trying to say. Its too early.
Well, I am off to bed. I have to get up at 8. So yay, and talk later.

*BeAcH BuTt*

Ryan, I used the WHITE Lighter to find the RED Lighter. Okay? haha

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02:27pm 29/05/2004
mood: thirsty
Hey.. so summer has been a blast so far.
I went to the beach yesterday... tanned.. OMG... I have tan lines..lol.
Last night Casey called me and told me to meet up with him and Stephen at Taco Bell. So I went up there with Trent and we went to this guy Alex's house. It was great because Lance, Matt, and Karpe were there.
Trent had to be home at 1 so I left at 12:30 since we were in B-DALE. I took Trent home and then went home got my swim suit and some other stuff and went back to Alex's.
It was so much fun. We all were just chillin' ... Me, Alex, Lance, Casey, Karpe, Matt, and Stephen. It was a blast. We were all chillin in the hot tub... then Lance, Alez and I all jumped in the pool and were messin around in there. Then all of a sudden I was standing up in the water and Alex tackles me. It was hillarious.
Then me and Lance were talking and he goes "So, Lisa how does it feel to have 6 guys all fighting for your attention?" I was like "ummmmm...." What do you say to something like that.
But anyway. We all were just having a blast. Then Matt made a mess in the kitchen (spilled something and broke glass) So I got him a broom and everything and he ended up cutting his foot and just making a bigger mess. So I told him to sit down and I cleaned up the mess. Then Alex and I cleaned the Guest House while everyone was in the main house watching a movie.
Alex, Lance, and I didnt go to bed until about 5:30 and we had to wake up at 7. So Lance and I slept out on the fold out bed. Never again will I sleep in the same bed as Lance... he kept smelling my hair all night. Well everyone woke up at like 6:30 and they left me sleeping and heard them all so I got up at about 6:50 and I finished helping Alex clean the house and make sure everything was put up and clean. At about 7:10 I left Alex's house and came home and slept. But needless to say it was a lot of fun and I cant even like begin to describe half of the stuff that happened.
I love being the only girl, and thats not meant in a conceded way.
So yeah and I leave tomorrow with Trent and his family on a boat for 3 days. ahhh... I am so excited it will be so much fun. Cant wait.
Well I am gonna go so I will say bye bye for now.

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09:52am 20/05/2004
mood: creative
Hey... Well lets see I am pretty much done with school.
I have one test today and then its over. I will be at school the 26th for one exam. Then I am done with my sophomore year.
It is kinda weird with out all the seniors there. But with them leaving I have realized how close I was to a lot of them and how many of them I will actually miss. Wow... its CrAzY!

Well my best friend is going to FSU so that means I cant see him whenever I want. I am so sad. I was actually about to cry last night while we were talking. Man, I am gonna miss him so much. He said I can go and visit and stay with him whenever I want, so thats good.

Prom was a lot of fun. Crazy times. It was fun all around. Before, during, and after. My hair looked so kewl. It was ringlets. I will post the pics later. A unforgettable night.

Well I dunno what else I want to say. So I am gonna go. Later!


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06:20pm 04/05/2004
mood: excited
Hey! Well lets see a lot is new. Ummm... Having a blast with my life. Going to Prom this Saturday. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THAT! It will be a blast! I have a cut at the bottom so you can see my dress and everything else.

Besides that there isn't too much going on that I care to share with everyone. I doubt anyone cares about my partying on the weekend. =)

Well I dunno. I am just excited and I know I am gonna take a lot of pictures at Prom of the SEXY People at Brandon High School. Well I think I am gonna go. I am supposed to go and chill with someone. So I am gonna go and call them.

Schedule of the week:
*Call about the car reservations
*Make sure all appts. are set
*Finalize all our Prom plans!!!!!!!

*Tan (right after school)
*Work form 5-Close

Saturday - PROM
*8:00/8:15 - Wake up and leave for Tampa
*9:00 - Manicure and Pedicure (the place swears they can get me in and out in an hour)
*10:00/10:30 - Hair by Sylvia (my hair takes for ever-it is going to be riglet type curls) - Then get my eyebrows done
*3:00 - Get make up done by Calvin Klein
*4:00 - Leave for Brandon
*4:30 - Get dress on and everything
*5:00/5:15 - Stop by Ash's to show her my dress and how I look - Pick up Kossow on way to date's house
*5:30 - Meet up with date
*6:30 - Go and Eat at Jacksons on Harbour Island
*8:00 - Prom Starts
*12:00 - Prom Ends
*12:30 - START PARTYING!!!!

*I dunno, I'm hired!

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10:20pm 13/04/2004
mood: tired
Wow... a lot has happened in the short time that I havent wrote.

I got my tattoo. I will put a picture of it on here later. It is fucking amazing looking. It is an egyptian symbol with a TwIsT.

I got a job at the new Aeropostale that is opening up in the Brandon Mall. It is so fun so far. We open Friday, we have been setting up all week. OMG it is great working there. So many benefits and everything. I love it so far. I work with great people. It is soooo fun.

I had a weird four day weekend. Went to this HUGE party on Friday in Lithia Springs. It was a BLAST! I meet this HOTT AS HELL GUY! He wants to chill so I was like Hell Yeah!

I am in such a confusion there are these 3 guys that I really like and am considering dating. I had a friend say that he loves me (in a serious way) and I have no idea how to react to it. I dunno so many mixed feelings.

Well I am really tired so I am gonna go. I hope everyone had a good weekend. Love you all and see you later. =)

Oh BIG ASS PARTY next weekend. Woo-Hoo!


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07:01pm 29/03/2004
mood: happy
Wow.... my spring break was freggin' crazy. I had such a blast. I mended mine and Timmy's friendship (I am so happy about that) *Timmy, would you like to go drink this weekend?* lol
But everything was fun. I partied every night except one. It was great. I dunno what all to say. Today was a great first day back. I just can't wait for Summer Break now.
I did so many things I cant even write them all right now.

I think my favorite night was ummm... last friday. haha Timmy. I bet if that ever happened again you would run that fast if not faster. =)
I hung out with Kossow (My Hero) a lot over Spring Break and we became closer. I am happy about that. Kossow is the greatest and he is so funny.

Ummmm...well I am gonna go out and do some stuff so bye.


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11:39pm 15/03/2004
mood: happy
Wow.... I have been sooooo busy here lately. I am the new 2nd Vice President of Brandon High's Student Government. I am happy about that. I have been busy here lately with all this ICC stuff. The main thing is my "Meet the Clubs" booklet and that doesn't have to be completely finished till the beginning of next year but I am not spending my summer break doing a damned booklet. And there is so much I have to do before I can even start getting all that information rounded around. So yeah... it has been crazy but fun.
Lets see we have exams tomorrow and wednesday but I am not going tomorrow.
Tomorrow I have the Wrestling Banquet. It should be fun. I am going tomorrow morning/early afternoon with my mom and buying a new out fit.
This weekend was fun. A lot of partying so I enjoyed. Geez, I need to calm my partying down..... lol Jamie` I am such a LUSH...wOOt wOOt =)
So ummm... yeah I dunno what else I want to write about. My life is so GREAT right now. I wouldn't change it for anything in the world.
Today after school, well like 6 or something KT, me, and some Jonathan guy (that we just met that was totally awesome all went to the mall and they had to watch me try on clothes...hehe)
This week will hopefully hurry up and end then it will be SPRING BREAK Which means PaRTy TimE for the LUSH! yay!
Well I am actually tired so I am gonna go and call my one of boy's real quick and then go to bed. So adios!

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09:38pm 23/02/2004
mood: excited
Hey... so I havent written in here for like 2 weeks. A lot has happened. Good & Bad, mostly good but still. I am loving my life. It is just so fun. I am having such a blast.
Well in the "Wrestling World" (lol tj) in Districts we won every weight class (103-hvy weight) so we sent 14 wrestlers to regionals. And all 14 wrestlers are going to Freggin' STATES! For like the first time in 8 years. That is so freggin' awesome. Jamie & I cant wait for states. States are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Jamie and I have a surprise for all the wrestlers before they leave.Well everything has been so CrAzY in my life. But thats how I like it. So much has happened it would take up sooo much room to even tell half of it. So I am gonna write about the weekend.
Friday- Jamie, Jenn, and I all hung out with Matt, Kassow, Timmy, and Sean. We had fun; just chillin.
Saturday- Jamie, Justin, Timmy, Sean, Michael C., Matt, Kassow, and I all went to the Night Parade. That was a blast. Jamie and I got soooo many beads and got hit on so many times. I was the designated driver. =) That was a lot of fun...lol I got to watch drunk people act stupid. :) I actually didn't drink at all this weekend =) The Lush didn't drink...lol
Sunday- Jamie and I went to Indian Rocks Beach and tanned. That was a lot of fun. We had a blast just hanging out, like always.
So that was my weekend. It was fun. All I know is Jamie and I cant wait till this weekend. It is STATES! It is gonna be fucking awesome. OMG... we cant wait. Well I am gonna go. SO bye bye!


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04:22pm 01/02/2004
mood: cheerful
Hey. So my weekend has been so much fun. I went to our The 20th Annual Tony Ippolito Tournament. That was a blast.
The first day I met a lot of people from other schools. I met this cutie that goes to Gaither. It was kinda weird because we were talking and I was like "What's your name?" He says "Adam, whats yours?" I was like "Its Lisa" then he goes "I love that name, that is my favorite name." I was just like ummm... thanks. :)
Then I started talking to this really really hott guy from Bloomingdale. He was kewl. We got talking about how they have a girl wrestler on their team and Wednesday when BRANDON & Bloomingdale had a dual against each other she was supposed to wrestle Rocky but she didn't. He said that she said she was like I am not wrestling Rocky, I am scared of him.
*Now this is my opinion. I give the girl props for wrestling. But my honest opinion is girls should not wrestle. But if you are going to wrestle don't sit there and say that you're not wrestling because you are scared of who you have to wrestle. I just cant stand that but anyway back to my entry*
So that night after the first half of the tourny the Gaither guy was like "It was nice to meet you. I am sure we will see each other again." I was like "Yeah sure. What are you a junior?" He was like 'No I am a sophomore. Yeah I know I am youngin'." I was like "Nah, I am a youngin as well so thats straight." He was like "Oh really, I thought you were a junior or senior." I am just like nah so he gave me a hug and was like I will see you later. And anyway I said bye to the hottie from B-Dale. Then talked with Timmy and Jamie some and it was about 10 or 10:30 PM so I left and just went home since I had to get up early the next day for the second half and Timmy, me, and some other wrestlers were all going to breakfast.
The rest of the Tourny is under the cut... LOOK!Collapse )

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03:38pm 28/01/2004
mood: busy
Well this weekend was indescripable. It was my birthday weekend.
Friday: We had our cheerleading competitions. That was at Armwood and all I am gonna say was that it was B.S. Well after that Jamie, Timmy, Sean, and I all went to Wendy's to eat. And it was like 10:00 and we were all really tired for some reason. SO we all went home and to bed.
Saturday: MY BIRTHDAY! Well I went to the wrestling tourny for JV to watch my brother. They had a cake for Josh, Caito, and I since Caito's was the 23rd, and Josh and Mine was Saturday. Josh and I had a frosting fight. That was such a balst! Then after the whole wrestling thing. We rented a hotel later (we being Jamie, Caito, and I) and had a bunch of people come over, there was like over 30 people there at one point in time. It was definitely a blast. There were so many funny things that happened I cant even begin to say even a tenth of them. But yeah that was a blast. We were in the hot tub (we being Jamie, Matt, Caito, Sean, and I) until like 2:30 or 3. It was fun. Everyone else was back at the room. But I had so much fun I dont even know what to write about. =) No body feel asleep till like 6 or 7 AM. It was a great night. *Jared: Thats how it all begins playful little bitting... Rrrrr"*
Sunday: We checked out of the hotel room went to breakfast. Holy crap. We had so many bottles in that damn room the next morning. I took Jamie home and then went to the mall after the mall I went and got my nails done. After my nails went home and got ready for my birthday dinner at Arigatos. The freggin' greatest place in the world. They cook in front of you, so yeah and the food is AMAZING! Well after that I was beat from Saturday and then Sunday. SO I went to bed. It was like 10:30 or 11:00.
Well I don't know what all else to write about. So I am gonna enjoy my week and look forward to my fun as always weekend.

PS- We have a match against B-Dale tonight. We are gonna STOMP there asses.

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09:29pm 21/01/2004
mood: cheerful
My weekend was so freggin GREAT! and my week has been awesome as well. It can only get better since my BIRTHDAY is Saturday!!
Friday: I just hung out with a bunch of friends. I don't remember everything I did.
Saturday: Well it was exactly one week till my birthday and KT's dad wasn't home. So we had a pre-week birthday bash for me. KT's dad got home a little early and thats a whole issue in its self (luckily nothing to bad was going on when he walked in). So I drove up to McDonalds and meet up with Matt, Teddy, Mark, Nunes, and someone else. Then Brandon calls me. He says "Hey I just drove by Mickey D's and say you come and meet me and my boy up at S&S." So I said OKay. So we all left Mickey D's and went to Steak & Shake. We were just chillin there. Then the guys frove by in these shitty ass cars that were supposed to look like they were all into street racing and shit. So we all hop in our cars (Nunes goes home & Brandon and his boy go to chill at Brandon's house). By then Will, Mike, and Tim meet up with us. SO we follow the guys in the shitty ass cars and Mark is all like "Lets race!" and the guys are all like no, no, no. Mark is like whatever you pussies! They had freggin airbags on there tires on this shitty Civic. It was funny. SO we all go back to S&S and finally go inside and we are all eating and just chillin (by this time it is only Mark, Matt, Teddy, Michael, Tim, and I) So we chilled there for ever. Anyway I didn't get home till late. So that was a lot of fun.
Sunday:Rose, Nunes, and I drove to The Underground and were chillin there with Jason, Savannah, KENNY G, Scott, Chrissy, and some other kid. Well Rose and I leave and go to Mark Brakin's house. Well I get there and see none other than my favorite person. MR. MOTHER FREGGIN' JONATHAN BANKS! I was so happy. So yeah it was Jonathan, Me, NICK, Jeremy, and some Houston guy. We all just chilled then Jonathan, Jeremy, and I left to take Jeremy home and Jonathan and I go back to Mark's where we didn't see any one that was there when we left. SO Jonathan and I chilled for a little then I drove Jonathan home to get his car, so he could drive to Nick's house b/c I had to go and meet up with Kenny G, Savannah, and Scott. SO after I drop him off I go meet up with them and we are all waiting for Nunes and Rose and well I had been there like 10 mins and KT calls me so I go pick her up. Then well go back to where everyone was and Scotty, Brandon, and a bunch of people show up. So there is like 35 of us all just chillin' so then about 12:30 we all leave and KT and I go to Taco Bell on Lumsden and then after that go back to my house to watch Freddy vs Jason Then when that was done at like 2 I took KT home and came back home. I was so beat I fell asleep on the couch. It was crazy.
Monday: Hell I dont even remember what I did Monday. I just remember i had a good time. So yeah. Good for me!
SO yeah and my week is going good. This Saturday will be OFF THE CHAIN! I so cant wait. Keith is gonna come even tho he has SATs that morning but since it is my B-day I KNOW you will do good. I am good luck. =) Oh and I found out the funniest thing. The guy I went to homecoming with, Josh, has the same birthday as me. That is so funny. But yeah anyway I am so excited. I am gonna go. I am so tired just got home from a wrestling match. Where Jamie and I were of course yelling for all our bestest wrestling friends... lol =)

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